WiFi USB Adapters for Hackintosh PC

Our Hackintosh-Technician gladly recommends the following WiFi USB adapters for Your Hackintosh computer:


TL-WN823N (V1 – Realtek RTL8192CU)
TL-WN822N v3 – RTL8192CU / v4 – RTL8192EU / v5 – RTL8192EU
Archer T2U Plus V1 – RTL8811AU
Archer T2U Nano – RTL8811AU
Archer T2U v3 – RTL8811AU
Archer T3U – RTL8812BU
Archer T3U Plus – RTL8812BU
Archer T4U – RTL8812AU
Archer T4U v2 – RTL8812AU
Archer T4U v3 – RTL8812BU
Archer T4UH – RTL8812AU
Archer T4UH v2 – RTL8812AU
Archer T4UHP – RTL8812AU
TL-WN722N V2 – RTL8188EUS / V3 – RTL8188EUS

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