ASUS PRIME H310M ER2 • i7-9700F • RX 580 | Download KEXT • Big Sur • EFI


  • Instant Download

  • Motherboard – ASUS PRIME H310M-E ​R2.0

  • Processor – i7-9700F

  • Graphics Card – RX 580

  • macOS – Big Sur 11.2.2

  • Includes ACPI & config.plist

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Hardware & MacOS

Motherboard – ASUS PRIME H310M ER2
Processor – i7-9700F
Graphics Card – RX 580
macOS – Big Sur

* Automatically update to the latest version of Big Sur

Known Issues

What to do next?

[D] Processor


[D] Motherboard


[D] Graphics Card