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"I have to give super kudos to these guys who went the extra mile in making my Lenovo laptop a great machine!”



“The technician Denis is professional and extremely knowledgeable. What took me months to figure out was done in a matter of front of my own eyes.”



“We did the installation remotely at the day I contacted them. Really experienced and professional team. Thanks for your service!”



“The service was great, guys helped me to pick up right components for my budget and afterwards helped to do initial setup and usb ports configuration.”



The Customer Experience has an exceptional record of customer satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it. Browse through our reviews yourself.

While staffs outstanding technicians for setting up your system, we bring more than just technical expertise to the table. Our support guides you all the way through, tweaking your system to perfection with you even months after installation. This is why our customers choose us time and again for their remote installations, their voices serving as a testimony that we’ve got it right.

Ajstudiosuk Wales
June 10, 2023
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just the best!! Denis was amazing, i contacted him 7pm GMT and had everything installed by 10pm and not just that everything was working perfectly!! , then i decided to upgrade SSD so contacted Denis who again no trouble at all, cloned the original and reinstalled all in an hour or so!! i would defo recommend these guys! my Dell t5810 is now a MAC PRO ...
Bryce Goggin
June 19, 2022
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Super responsive technicians.. always reliable… what a great company!
Grant William Nicholas
Mar 14, 2023
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Hello all just wanted to share my Hackintosh that was actually done last year. I was able to install a vanilla version of Catalina myself however it wasn't to perform well with apps that I would like to use daily. So, I searched Facebook and found and they great at getting it done. In all the process may have taken around 3 hrs due to the age of the Elitebook (2013). Everything works fine except for the SD Card Reader. Bluetooth, Wifi, mousepad etc all work. That was good enough for me. It is a dual boot system running Windows 11 as well. One thing that I did notice was my clock's time would be wrong after reboots. Fixed that with a Google search and this forum with a regedit. Also, sometimes I noticed going from one OS to ther from rebooting it wouldn't see my Mac OS. I think it is best to shutdown first then boot. Am loving finally having Monterey works great with my video and audio apps.
Kevin L
Feb 23, 2023
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Fantastic service. I used their pre-made EFI for my laptop and it allowed me to get everything up and running. thx guys
Freddie Martinez
July 28, 2022
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I was blown away on the expert service which has enabled me to continue working with my system “creating, producing and enjoying the work I do” Thank You so much, there are not enough words… my eternal gratitude!
May 14, 2022
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These guys are great...They turned my old X99 system into a Ventura beast!
Brian Osterloh
May 14, 2022
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Absoulty wonderful people. Helped me at the first of the year with a build. Went to upgrade my video card and for whatever reason my motherboard didn’t like the new card. So instead of waiting for the rma I bought and upgraded my motherboard and cpu combo along with the new video card. They had my new configuration and USB ports mapped out in a record setting time. What would have taken me a few days to fumble through they did in minuets Worth every dollar. Thanks so much ….
Mark Almond
June 18, 2022
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Fantastic service from these guys. I would highly recommend.

Our Service Reviews

Guillem Avatar
11 Sep 2023 - Trustpilot
Fantàstica assistència Ha estat ràpid i professional si no en saps massa i no vols perdre temps, ells són la solució.
David Jesús Cerdas Vega Avatar
David Jesús Cerdas Vega
01 Sep 2023 - Facebook
They are excellent, they spare no effort to leave your setup in perfect working order.
David Stuckey Avatar
David Stuckey
25 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
It is mind blowing to know that are… It is mind blowing to know that are people that genuinely want to help. The service was great and the representatives were well knowledgeable and hospitable. Thank you for your service.
Michael McEwen Avatar
Michael McEwen
18 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
Fast and professional They were fast, professional, and full of knowledge about a hack. They video called with me to make sure my bios was set up correctly. Everything was first rate.
Daymel Rensoli Avatar
Daymel Rensoli
16 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
Those guys are machines is the second… Those guys are machines is the second time I use theirs services and is absoluting worth thanks guys
11 Aug 2023 - Google
Remotely got installed for my PC it's soo smoot like butter and so kind of them
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Pierre van Caloen Avatar
Pierre van Caloen
05 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
These guys are real experts These guys are real experts. Previous build went flawless. I ordered the wrong components for my last build and they are helping me even though nothing has been payed yet.... read more
C.K. Avatar
01 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
Excellent service Excellent service! Very fast and reliable!
Hayward Romer Avatar
Hayward Romer
31 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
Top Tier Service The entire remote installation was a BREEZE!!! The tech was very responsive, clear and efficient throughout the entire process. I set up my last build and it took me days... read more
29 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
I installed Mac OS monetary it is soo… I installed Mac OS monetary it is soo smooth the person who installed is so kind an informative
angelo wolf Avatar
angelo wolf
26 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
This guys know very well what they are… This guys know very well what they are doing, installation was flawless! Great service!
cretive xchange Avatar
cretive xchange
26 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
Service is worth its weight in Gold Service is worth its weight in Gold! Working on another build soon.