Professional Remote Hackintosh Installation

We can install macOS onto your computer or laptop for audio & video editing and development.


Risk-Free. Money Back Guarantee.

Fully Functional macOS on your PC
Individual Kexts Installation & Configuration
Free Technical Support
No Prior Knowledge Requirements
Hackintosh Standard
79 /onetime

Professional Remote Installation of the latest compatible macOS on Your Desktop or Laptop. With OpenCore or Clover EFI bootloader.

Hackintosh PREMIUM
99 /onetime

Professional Remote Installation of the latest compatible macOS with PREMIUM SUPPORT.

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Here is what our clients are saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Is my PC/Laptop compatible with latest macOS?

The majority of computers & laptops are compatible with some additional tweaking. 

But In order to confirm, please head over to this page and follow the instructions.

02 How are you able to do Remote Installation?

Our Process:

1. We remote into your PC using TeamViewer. Burn macOS onto a flash drive.

2. During the reboots and for BIOS configurations, we use WhatsApp video calling to guide you through the setup.

3. Once Mac is installed, we login back to your computer via TeamViewer and install the remaining Kexts files.

4. During the last step we perform various tests and benchmarks  to ensure your computer operates at its maximum performance.

5. After installation we support You in a special group chat with the Chief Technician & a Project Manager.

03 Are there any guarantees?

If we can’t get the Hackintosh to function to your satisfaction, we issue a full refund. No questions asked.

04 What If I have a problem in future?

In case you upgrade your hardware or run into any sort of post-installation issues feel free to contact us.

All installations come with a Guarantee and Technical Support.

05 Which Bootloader are you using?

We use the latest Clover or OpenCore as our bootloader. As it emulates UEFI on legacy BIOS systems. Supports native resolution GUI on wide screens people commonly use today.  

It also stood the test of time and have been tested thoroughly.

Please consider donating to the developer as our service wouldn’t be possible without them.

06 I have already installed Hackintosh myself. But XYZ is not working. Can you help me fix it?


Due to the nature of complications with self-installed Hackintoshes, we do not offer any technical assistance.

But if you order our installation, we’ll be more then happy to help you with any problems that may arise later.