Professional Remote Hackintosh Installation

We can install macOS onto your computer or laptop for audio and video editing, coding, and programming.


Risk-Free. Money Back Guarantee.

Fully Functional macOS on your PC
Individual EFI Installation & Configuration
Lifetime Technical Assistance
No Prior Knowledge Requirements
99 /one PC
  • Professional Hackintosh Installation

  • System Performance Optimization

  • Dual-Boot Installation (optional)

  • Lifetime Technical Assistance

  • High-Priority Support

Hackintosh Standard
79 /one PC
  • Professional Hackintosh Installation

  • System Performance Optimization

  • Lifetime Technical Assistance

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How It Works?


1. Preparation

Once You’ve placed Your order and submitted Your hardware REPORT, we will begin to compile all of the required files for Your System.

At this time, the Customer Care manager creates a group chat with Our Chief Tech for the Installation and Support.

Then we will remotely connect to your PC via the TeamViewer App to burn the macOS onto a flash drive.



2. Installation

We guide You through the BIOS Configuration and Installation of the latest compatible macOS via a WhatsApp video call,

by providing You with detailed instructions throughout every step of the process.

Phone with a camera as well as a stable Internet connection is required.



3. Customization

Once the macOS is installed, we log back into Your Computer via TeamViewer and install the remaining KEXT files.

After completing all of the installations, we perform various Benchmark tests to make sure that Your Operating System is working without any errors and at optimal efficiency.

4. Continued Technical Assistance

We will continue to provide You with Technical Support.

Our specialized Technician and Customer Care manager will provide You assistance with any issues that may arise and answer any questions You might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Is my PC/Laptop compatible with latest macOS?

The majority of computers & laptops are compatible with some additional tweaking. 

But In order to confirm, please head over to this page and follow the instructions.

02 What If I have a problem in future?

In case You upgrade Your hardware or run into any sort of post-installation issues feel free to contact us.

All installations come with a Guarantee and Technical Support.