It all begins with Love of Mac

Our story begins from 2013 with Denis , our team member, and the one and only Hackintosh Guru .

You see, Denis loved the MAC. Even today, he doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to tell about the first time he saw one.

Truly, it was love at first sight. He just loved it...
He loved the flawlessness, he loved the look, he loved the feel, the stability, the security.

And the MAC loved him back.

The Story Continuous...
Whenever Denis got the chance to work on Mac, they would just… sync. And then he would be asked to get a room.

But there was a problem. A BIG problem. Mac OS wasn't exactly affordable...

Denis was obstinate, stubborn, and determined..

And after weeks of studies and lots of sleepless nights, and numerous guides and articles followed, he finally found a way to make this star-crossed relationship work!

The answer was - the Hackintosh.

For those of you in the dark, the Hackintosh is basically a Mac operating system on a PC. And it worked!

While there were numerous failures and glitches at first, attempt after attempt, and day after day, he finally managed to get a perfect system working, earning OVER 9000! of experience along the way.


Successful Installations





How We Met

Shortly after Denis's success with a personal Hackintosh Build, he started doing onsite installations for clients in our city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, and the demand was high.

That's when Denis met Stanislau. Not only did Stanislau like the work Denis has performed, but he instantly had an idea.

Stanislau saw an opportunity to bring the Hackintosh with its convenience and spectacularly lower price to you guys, wherever around the world, you may be!

Team Was Formed

We Were Founded

Soon, Stanislau invited Denis to join, and that's how Hackintosh Expert was founded.

With Stanislau’s ability to get along with just about anyone coupled with an undying devotion to solving people’s issues; and Denis’s technical expertise and uncanny mastery of the Hack - they made the perfect duo!

A few months later - they made their first online installation. And from that point, it exploded.

November 2019 marked the point when we went out on the global market and started offering remote worldwide installations!

Installations could be done remotely in Denver, Paris, Kyiv or anywhere else!


Where We Are Now

We’ve been doing remote installations and helping people all around the world ever since then!

The macOS is a real beauty guys, and we all want to share the love with you <3

So don’t be shy! And don’t let a high price tag stop you from having the computer experience you know you deserve at the fraction of the cost.

War... Bombed houses… New cities for living… May peace be always with You!

But we still continue our support and we work harder than before as we love what we do!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day πŸ™‚