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A team of dedicated computer experts and enthusiasts from Ukraine, we’ve put our passion and skills into building and maintaining PC & MacOS systems.

With genuine long-term support, our team is there to help you months after your installation.
Our remote solutions mean that the job can be done wherever you have stable Internet.
We work with a wide variety of systems allowing for custom solutions for almost every case.
With years-long experience our technicians have seen it all. No issue will be left unresolved.

The secret to our success? Three simple rules.

We believe that our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer service sets us apart from other remote support providers. We look forward to working with you to create your dream PC or macOS build.



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Our Service Reviews

sean boleslawski Avatar
sean boleslawski
16 May 2024
Great Support!!! Great Support. Very Professional. They did near to everything for me. They were very friendly. They ensured everything was working flawlessly for the user, I can just recommend them!
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Seb H Avatar
Seb H
10 May 2024
Great support! Denis was quick to help me. Now that I have everything set up, it works pretty much flawlessly.
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Bob B Avatar
Bob B
05 May 2024
They get the job done I have paid for two sessions, $140, and that was the best 140$ I ever spent. One for a desktop, and another for a laptop. As a hackintosher myself, I could not resolve 2 critical problems that were keeping me up at night and getting in the way of my personal life. Two quick payments to this company: got the session scheduled with Dennis and the problems were both resolved within 60 minutes. These guys are the real deal: they get the job done. Well worth the payment(s).
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mux wow Avatar
mux wow
29 Apr 2024
Very nicd support Very nicd support
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r Neverlast Avatar
r Neverlast
27 Mar 2024
Great and fast service!!! Great and fast service!!! Could not do this myself Patiënt professional and understandable instructions. Next time I def use this service again. (Never do reviews but this guys really deserve it)
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jorge lara Avatar
jorge lara
22 Mar 2024
Superb team! 🔥 Everything about this team is amazing. They helped me two years ago and continue to since. With all my info saved. I never have to remind them where they left off. Such a great feeling to have helpful people support your build needs 🔥 Help Ukraine forever! 🩶 thank you 🩶
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Tony Millan Avatar
Tony Millan
10 Mar 2024
Fantastic service and outcome Fantastic service and outcome. A perfectly functioning computer that is zippy and fast running the latest Mac OS. The process is really well handled from start to finish and it is a pleasure to be a repeat customer. Great help before installation to make sure that the build was compatible.
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Charles Avatar
03 Mar 2024
After being a Patron for over a year…suddly I was cut off for no real reason as I'm a paying customer After being a Patron for over a year paying for access to these EFI files, this is what I was presented with today! Strait out of HE's support chat; Oops! Your account has been temporarily limited as we’ve noticed suspicious activity. Please get in touch with us if you believe this was a mistake. Charles Meck 20:12 BTW yea it's a problem! Charles Meck 20:13 Anyone there? Charles Meck 20:22 Really? just cut off for no apparent reason, was working on the mac hardware right now, which I guess is at an end now and after paying for quite some time as patron and without warning I can no longer access what I paid for! BS! I'm likely now to stop every thing with this outfit and cancel my Patron account and my account here! Charles Meck 20:40 Still waiting I guess you don't give two (craps! <- last word forced edited by HE and Trust Pilot) You know I did the patron thing to have access when I needed it, which I no longer have now, Seriously wonder why I paid you people at all! C'Ya Charles Meck 20:46 and it is bad, right now, it's bad I paid to have access to those files and for no apparent reason you have cut me off even after paying for the files over and over again for a long time, so yea it's bad! Charles Meck 20:48 Anyone's service would be considered bad if they accept payment for products and services . and then refuse to deliver them and if you can't understand that I have a bunch of property in Florida to sell you! The Chat/Service REP was Alex G. BTW when I asked for the chat transcript, I was sent 1/2 the chat transcript, MR. Alex's comments were somehow magically removed!
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freddie Avatar
29 Feb 2024
Expert Service Thanks for such rapid response and customer service and easy access. Thanks again Team Hackintosh Expert for keeping my computer system up to date and productive for me. Your business makes my business better!
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Morgan Engle Avatar
Morgan Engle
26 Jan 2024
amazing service amazing service! would use again!
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Billist N Avatar
Billist N
21 Jan 2024
You cant go wrong! You cant go wrong!! They were Very professional and got everything working! They spent the time to make sure every little detail was working. Ill be building another machine and will 100% be working with hackintosh expert again!
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Sam Rich Avatar
Sam Rich
17 Jan 2024
Quick service, impeccable results. Purchasing was easy, service was delivered quickly. The product is flawless. I am very happy with the results and plan on returning with any future needs.
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