The Power of Mac
with flexability of a PC

Professional Remote Hackintosh Installation with Continued Technical Support

Making technology accessible for everyone
We can turn your Desktop or a Laptop into a functional macOS (well working iCloud account included)
Why Hackintosh?

The Power of Mac with the Flexibility of a PC


macOS can run on a wide number of stock PCs, including many laptops. So you are not limited to Apple's range of hardware.


Apple’s cheapest Mac Pro starts at $2,500, but you can assemble a Hackintosh PC for less than half that amount.


Users who build their own Hackintosh have a much wider choice of graphics controllers, and (within limits) change them out anytime they like.

Why Us?

Personalized & Professional


Remote installation of Hackintosh is what we do for a living. Our Chief Technician has been doing it over 9 years.


We know you can’t wait to get your hands on macOS. We do our best to ensure the installation happens the same day you order. Unless you request otherwise.


We handpick and tweak all the Kext files to ensure maximum compatibility and performance with your own PC.


Installing and configuring your own Hackintosh can be really daunting and time-consuming. We, on the other hand, can get the fully functional macOS running your hardware within 3-4 hours.


As long as you know how to plug a USB flash drive into your PC, you are all set. Sit back and relax, while we’ll take care of the rest.


Our service comes with a Warranty Support 30 days. Also, we provide Continued Technical Support for our Patrons. So in case you run into any issues or need new hardware installed or upgraded. We’ve got you covered.

Still not sure?

Here is what Our Customers are saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Is my PC/Laptop compatible with latest macOS?

The majority of computers & laptops are compatible with some additional tweaking. 

But In order to confirm, please head over to this page and follow the instructions.

02 How are you able to do Remote Installation?

Our Process:

1. We remote into your PC using TeamViewer. Burn macOS onto a flash drive.

2. During the reboots and for BIOS configurations, we use WhatsApp video calling to guide you through the setup.

3. Once Mac is installed, we login back to your computer via TeamViewer and install the remaining Kexts files.

4. During the last step we perform various tests and benchmarks  to ensure your computer operates at its maximum performance.

5. After installation we support You in a special group chat with the Chief Technician & a Project Manager.

03 What If I have a problem in future?

In case you upgrade your hardware or run into any sort of post-installation issues feel free to contact us.

All installations come with a Guarantee and Technical Support.